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All In A Day.



:ouro: I keep hearing the smooth silky sound of the song "Summertime" in my head.Da – Doo – Da. Da –Doo Da.Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa, Da Doo Da Da Doo Da.Summertime and the living is easy…Fish are jumpin and the cotton is high.Oh your daddys rich, and your ma’s good lookingSo hush . little baby don’ yo cry.One of these mornin’s you goin’ rise up singin’Then you’ll spread yo wings an yo’ take to the skyBut till that mornin’ there’s nothin’ can harm yo’With Daddy and Mammy standn by.Hush, lil' baby, don' you cryHush, lil' baby, don' yo cryFadder an' mudder born to die.Its hot here- over 90 with thunderstorms hovering in the distance. Today was a day off. (snort) Woke up at 6 did laundry, moved things off the back porch so the wind wouldn’t knock it over and then saw my neighbors garden. (she should be in a magazine…) Came in. did more laundry and realized that I was out of laundry soap. Went to the store and saw they had the things up for the carnival, came home realize that what I bought was – fabric softener. Went to the gas station, filled the tank, got money from the ATM, went to another store, realized they didn’t have the brand that I use , so I crossed my fingers and got the stores equivalent brand. Did another load of laundry (mind you, winter is over and all of the bedding gets washed, dried and packed away. Was on line reading when the phone rang. Work. Seemed something got disconnected and they couldn’t find it and they had pulled apart a quarter million dollar machine and still couldn’t find the part. Sigh.Brushed my teeth, slipped on shoes with out socks, didn’t even bother with deodorant. (knew that I was going to get gungy just from dealing with it. Had asked them, did you check here for it? yes. And there and there. And after disassembling it all the way, I looked over and there it was. Stuck, could have taken a total of three minutes to recover it. Put everything together, flipped on the breakers and prayed nothing blew. Left directions about the start up, and went through the drive through. Burger king has the chose your destiny thing. I dunno. How many hash browns can you eat?? I asked the girl, Has any one won the money? And she said no… Logged into chat. Waited for my friend for two hours to be there, and in a way, I don’t want to give up because I drew this really cool drawing of Darth Vader and Obi Wan. Obi Wan is dressed like a flower child and has bunny slippers and love beads for Darth Vader (who is wearing oversized tennis shoes) I am waiting because she went to the drs and her spine has a part broken off. She is in a great deal of pain and faces major surgery. Took a while for her to answer, but she did and she printed out the card, and it made her feel better. The pain has made her depressed. Very little makes her smile, and I understand that type of pain. We chatted about – well, things- where I live, who my neighbors are, and the girl I work with.I live in a quiet neighborhood. Everyone knows everyone else, down to what they are having for dinner that night. I am the only single girl who owns a home in my neighborhood and I have been adopted into the neighborhood. Sometimes though, extended families can be a good thing, or a bad thing.The majority of my neighbors are immigrants from Czech, and they still follow the old ways. My grandfather worked in the mills along side them, as did my neighbor when I was at my parents home. It’s- a different way of life, because, well, it has structure, and a pecking order. The girl that I work with is considered a princess (if you know what I mean) her father was killed seven years ago. She was dating a young man who owned a bike shop and she said he made the decision to – well, go straight, silently, if that makes sense. She was to meet him after classes, and there was a snow storm, and she called him and he was fine, and the next day when he didn’t answer the phone she thought he was miffed at her, and after three days she went to the bar where the gang hung out and said she tried to get a hold of him but couldn’t and they used a key to get in and found he had blown his head off with a shot gun… from the side..Now I know shot guns. Unless the guy had a string some where, which they never found, you can’t do that. You can not physically take a shot gun to the side of the head, hold it and blow your head off because your arms aren’t that long.The guys who have letters on their jackets interviewed her. She was dating him and she didn’t give them anything that they didn’t know already. ( Think about that for a moment…)So, after a year she starts to date another man. I met this one. I have looked into the eyes of a cobra and felt more warmth. I didn’t want to have anything to do with him and I really would rather he not have my number on his cell phone when she had to call me to cancel plans for the evening. She said that he always drove himself. He never got too drunk or too messed up that he allowed someone else to drive. Last summers afternoon though, a car with him as a passenger slammed headlong into a cliff. The driver who worked at the bar and had the key to her first boy friends house was killed on impact. Her second boyfriend never regained concisenessHer current boyfriends wife died about 6 months ago. She had been cleaning house for him during the time that she was dating her second boyfriend, while his wife was ill. It was about two weeks after his wife’s death that they slept together, and they have been an item ever since. His children and the wife’s sister hate her. They have taken her into an alley and beat her, they call her at work and ask when she is working so they can harass her in the parking lot and they play telephone games.- the hang ups the rude noises etc, to make her afraid.Except it doesn’t work. While she does not have the second boyfriends muscle behind her anymore, she has her own. Thus I have taken side stage seats to the goings on of the neighborhood. I really – don’t want to be involved. I am, though. I dread the knock on my door – I don’t want to be questioned because, well, I know too much. I suspect more. Little by little though, things in my town are becoming unraveled. We have an honest DA :ouro: – well, as honest as we are going to find. Several of the police in the town have been indicted by the men in jackets who have letters on them for- stuff. Child porn & pedophile Numbers running, drugs. Our force of 5 now is a force of two. On average, there were more police in our town arrested for being pedophiles than priest in our state.My best friend laughs. She calls me the Queen of Conspiracy Theories. Tells me I should write a book. I ask her where her boss is, and she said “ The islands” In the middle of an Audit? I ask. She says “planned since the new year began had to go, and it was a personal audit, not one that was for the company. She grumbles about the crummy dial up service keeps disconnecting on her. Hey, I have the same dial up service. It ** Never** disconnects on me. I ask if they have been working on the lines and she said yeah, she passes the truck every single day. I ask her, if she is aware when the problems started? And she said yeah, 4 months before they got word he was being audited.She isn’t concerned that they are listening into what we are saying, She laughs, says, her boss deserves to be caught and put in jail for what he is doing- or more precisely, how he is making his money. He has a wife you see, and three mistresses. None of them know about each other and each think they are * the one* for him. Heh.The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Why? They have moles, the moles aerate the soil as they dig for grubs. When water hits the holes it allows it to go to the roots faster.Sometimes I wonder if I should be afraid.Sometimes, I am afraid.My neighbors like my lawn way too much. Perhaps if I hear, that they have stopped speaking about me- then,Then I will worry. :ouro:


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