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Back And Forth..



I shift back and forth between this blog and the other one I keep at my space. Sometimes I actually have some neat thoughts there~my opinion~of course! But if you'd like to check it out, you can click here:Tonya's MySpace BlogIt's always a bit odd to come here and see that so many people are reading this. Who are you delightful strangers that find amusement in my paltry writing? Unless, of course, you just come here to laugh at me~but I wouldn't blame you! :rofl: I try to laugh at myself as much as possible!

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Me? Na, I don't laugh at people, I started reading your blog because the old man said that you had a thing for spiders... (and snakes) and while my neighbors friek because there are snakes and mice outside, as long as they stay there and my ferrets are ok, then its cool.

Me? uh, well, I am older than alot of people on this board, and I came to tiwwa in search of a friend of mine who dropped off the earth and I miss her dearly- no contact with her for a long time no way to get ahold of her.

I am a cancer warrior. I am not married, no plans to marry and the guy who rocks my world lives in austraia. No kids, tons of nieces and nephews. HUGE family.

I own my own home, (I shared it for a month with a friend and her three cats and learned later that the person shed lived with before had said she could stay the cats had to go. Her male cat wasn't fixed. They lasted a month before I sent them packing, and I know that may seem heartless, but she had a home up north and she had been saying she was renovating it, but she never did anything about it until I kicked her out- and I learned that what I have isn't big enough of an area for two people for a long time. (mum says I am set in my ways)

So thats who I am.


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