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Dvds For Sale



Heads up to LJ users (and viewers of my TIWWA blog) in the USA on my flist. I give 24 hours or so before I post it to the Home Theater Forum's Software For Sale Forum. First go begins here.For $8 each:BoogeymanDarkness (Unrated Version)The Village (widescreen)Hellraiser: DeaderDead BirdsHouse of Flying DaggersFinding NeverlandElektraFor $10:Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (two discs- 13 episodes)For $25:Roswell Season 2Shipping is $4 for the first two DVDs. $5 for 3 or more DVDs and Box Sets. Pay by well concealed cash or money order.


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Hi David, why not copy these babies into the Classified forum to ensure maximum exposure?

Good luck!

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I probably will post in Classifieds sooner or later, but I want to give the people who read the blogs the first chance.

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