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Service Please!



One of the *issues* that I have with people in public places is that they forget their manners. :arguing: The sales person isn't responsible for higher prices. The store manager can't give away things for free even though you say you shop there every day. Yelling in front of people, at a sales girl will only make the line longer for someone who has IBS. The sales people don't want to know about your water bill, they don't care that you ate bad anchovies on your pizza. They do care if you haven't brushed your teeth in a week, and no, they usually do not want to date their customers (there are exceptions to it) and if you kiss a sales girl on the lips with out asking her, don't be surprised if she throws up on you if you haven't taken a bath in three weeks.if you call and an item is on sale, and you ask to have it held, come IN for the item. If you wait three days, it will be gone, or the sale over and ether way you don't get it for the sale price.If the customer drops something, don't expect the manager to give it away as damaged. It doesn't work that way.Sales people are not idiots just because they didn't have what was on sale. Not all markets carry the same thing. don't expect product to be on the shelf if waiting to the last day of the sale.and don't lie to the sales person.If a customers child is caught shoplifting, the managment has the right to call the police. while it may not be worth the time, or the money to prosicute shop lifters for low ticket items, (never think the store can afford to lose the stuff, because they can't) some stores will send them to jail for a pack of gum. Running in the store is dangerous. If a customers child is hurt while doing that, the store is not lible for damages.Backpacks and skate boards should be left at the front counter. Saying "I am Sorry" after running over a two yr old and breaking her leg doesn't cut it in court.If a door does not open, ask for assistance. don't kick the glass pane out and then go to your car and drive away.don't buy more than you can carry home if your walking. Don't take the shopping carts- they are worth money to the store, they only have so many and it isn't *yours*sales people try to be chearful. They are on their feet all day long. If you see them with food in their hands and no name badge they are on their break, and their own time. Don't demand that they drop everything to take care of you. They are not being paid millions to do the work. nor tens of thousands.Waitresses get paid squat. Tips are split with everyone who managed your food. Don't spend all day at a table and leave a penny."Hi remember me from 8 yrs ago?" uh, no. Just because someone wears an apron doesn't mean they work in the store. If they are nice enough to drop everything and help you, concider yourself lucky you weren't stabbed or shot in the parkinglot. "do you work here? " is a stupid question. You may get an answer that you dont like. Use your eyes. read the name badge and know what store you are in.The goverment taxes things you can not wear, or eat. (except for toilet paper that is non taxed too...) PLease bring enough money, and if you don't have it and have to run out to the car to get it, don't be surprised if they have taken the next person in line.Nobody likes working. Nobody likes a smart assed customer. don't be a smart ass and ask if they like working.Kath


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