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Every Day Low Price



As you may have guessed, this side of the forum isn't just for things that crawl across the carpet and up the wall (did catch & kill a shield bug in the house yesterday, no clue as to how he got in, don't care- and yes, have seen a millipeed at work when I shook out the broom, that got a quick splat too-but again, this isn't the subject of the post...Price changes are.In this weather, (90 degree) with no air condtioning (hey, I can't even get my furnace to put out heat- so, I am not going to push the cold air thing)anyway,Its hot, and I don't have a pool so I go to the mall and be a mall rat. I waunder from store to store and buy an ice water for a nickle and I watch the merchants work.While there is a steady stream of customers in and out there is also down time, when no one is there and its when you hear them discussing what they are doing.Price changes. things go up a dime, or down a dime- and for the one store which was right across from where I sit, they have been doing the same merchandise every day for a week. So I go in and I look at the price and I make a note of it, and the next day it goes up, and then down the following day, and by the 5th day it is back to the regular price.not only does the item have to have its tag changed, it has to be changed in the system.and then the item goes very high, up by a dollar, and two days later the item goes on sale. Now, I have a nodding knowledge about the trade commission, and its illegal to raise a price just before a sale.and even with the sale price, the item is more than it was before the sale.not that it sells.sigh...I pay an every day low price for my long distance. 7 cents a miniute. and last month I had 70 cents on the long distance bill, but, it cost 5$ to have that privledge. so it cost me 6$ to make 4 calls. even if I don't make the calls I am still charged this.but its seen as a deal, and yes, I would drop the service, but the other option is a network that doesn't support my internet.I have, however, taken to a trac phone, and while I haven't figured out how to get the voice mail yet (the password does not work) I can figure out who called me.and then I call them back. and its 10 cents a miniute, and they charge from the moment you start the call btw, and if it takes 15 rings, you still get charged even if they didn't pick up, which by FCC rules, they can't charge you for but they do on my land line. cell phones are different. Now, if I run out of miniutes, I can, continue to get incoming calls- just the number btw, like a pager, and I can still get voice mail, I just can't access it from that phone.and its less expensive for me to get this phone and use it than to keep using the long distance on my phone. go figure.My brother wanted me to join up in the plan that he was in, but he uses all of the miniutes talking to his kid, and I don't use 20$ worth of calling...5 maybe, but not 20, there was a time when we were no joined at the hip with products and services, and I had to think back when the world changed for us.Some would say it was when telivision came, and the ads to pay for it, some would think when Madiline Ohara stopped prayer.or the wars that took away our young men, leaving the women to run the country...It came, with the invention of the lightbulb, the discovery of electricty, and, the works of Cyris McCormick.bringing down the cost of getting food and grain the every day low price became lower, and people became rich, or very poor.Life was not a struggle. Except for Mrs O'Learys cow.Kath

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