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Death, By Chocolate...



bag of chopped pecansbag of caramel squaresbag of semi sweet chocolatecontainer of dipping chocolate (don't be fooled, its just milk chocolate that are in little disks, pop regular chocolate in the same container and it works)drizzle chocolate (like I said, its all in the packaging, just use regular chocolate and put in a paistry squeezer)cookie tray with no stick spray on it.Place nuts in center of tray, smooth out.Unwrap caramel squares. put in microwave bowl and add two tablespoons of water to it.Nuke at 4 miniutes Put semi sweet chocolate in microwave bowl, when Caramel is done, pop it in for three miniutes.Stir caramel with metal spoon. Screw the wooden spoon crap, it just sticks harder to it and you lose more product.Drizzle the caramel over the nuts spread if you have to but be forwarned that it can pull up and you get a lumpy product.Put the empty bowl in hot water & suds.you can pretty much dump the hot chocolate on the caramel and spread it around.Pop it into the fridge and wait ten min before putting the dipping chocolate in the nuker for two miniutes (I know it says 30 seconds but if you read the lable it says microwave times vary and to increase by 30 seconds anyway, and thats what it works out .Cut the product into 1 inch squares and dip them into the dipping chocolate. Now I put them right into the cupcake holder things, and it was messy, so, I am going to try the next batch with putting them on wax paper and then transfering them into the paper cups and see what happens.Drizzle the drizzle chocolate over the dipped chocolate. (use white chocolate for a different contrast...)Enjoy.Oh, yeah, uh, calories...well, going by grams, a 1/2 inch square has about 150 calories... at least... Warning,,, is very chewy. Please eat with extream caution if you have dentures TMJ or fillings. Creator of recipee allows anyone to make it, & share the recipee, as long as credit is given to creator of recipee, (ME!!)enjoy.Kath

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My head,,, oh my head...

*Never* eat Death by chocolate with out being forward of the side effects- ie, MASSIVE CHOCOLATE MIGRAIN-

yeah, its that good.

lemme tell ya- its got three different types of chocolate and caramel so smooth and rich it will rot your teath before you swallow. I had ONE - ONE I tell you, and after the first bite my eyes crossed and I feel back into the chair gasping.

Mind you I ran out of dipping chocolate , so I made some and I ran out of that too and all that is left is the white chocolate that I am going to mix with - uh, something and put it on spoons, or something, Heck, I don't know.

8 dozen though. cripes I had to keep going back to the store because I though I had enough of those paper cup things-


and I know there is a little old lady who is coming in for chocolate covered strawberrys, I have the dipping chocolate, and I don't have to be there untill 11, so, it is possible. anything for a little old lady, ya know??

I took three asprin, and I still have the chocolate migrain. Guess I have to put a warning lable on it, huh??




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