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That Which We Hold Dear...



I have two best friends in the whole world. One is Peter, the other is Sta. Sta is having back surgery right now, as we speak. They will cut open her abdoman, and slide the contents into a bowl, and then go to where the damaged in her spine is and remove the bone fragments and set things right. A month ago when she went for an MRI there was only a single spur that had broken off- now, its two vertibre that have shattered with out reason, and two disks that are affected.when they are done they will replace the organs and give it a shake (as my brother said) and everything slides back into place. She will be kept a day, and then sent home, to be off work for 2 weeks. She has a wireless laptop, and a Box, and she said that might be the only thing keeping her sane.What makes her a best friend? well, I know I can tell her most everything, and she will be there- as the saying goes, a good friend will bail you out of jail, agreat friend will be sitting next to you going Damn that was fun, lets do it again...Peter is half a world away- He is stage 3 with cancer- and he is only 39. He just- didn't feel right and I nagged him to go to the drs. He went, and its rectal cancer. He is going through chemo, and radiation, and has a colostomy bag that he is managing to get used to. It should come off in a month, and they said the surgery to reverse it is simpler than when he had the inital surgery done. He said, to his surprise that he farted for the first time in two months. (He had missed farting) He is on medication for the nausia, and reguar instant noodles stay down. I don't know what my world would be with out my friends.Kath


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