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Dissapearing Act Of Favorites...



:angryred: A while back my computer went stupid on me and forgot most of my favoirite list, stuff that I hadn't put in another file. gone. zap. nada and zip. and I was like WTF!!!and it has been months since then.Today at 6pm, the same thing happened- except-- all of the favorites that were there before, were back...and the stuff that I was saving this time to rebuild the list were gone, and I thought WTMF! and I went through each one and saved them on a word document and then saved that, and repeated what I had done, before... and ...the favorites were back.. and I am going OK OK... and I am in the process of saving everything.Once that is done it is going to get saved to a disk, and a web page, so that, hey, I can do a one click and I am there...and I realized after I found the list- how much of my life, my connections were missing... 5 pages of links. and I had lost 4 of them.crap.Now, I *know* they are stored, somewhere, I just don't know where, or which one I want to keep as the offical version... except the master list place...like, this stuff is nice to have at ones fingertips.its just going to have to take an extra poke now...but I won't have to say WTFMFC happened??Joy!Kath


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