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The Ever Rising Cable Prices Demon



Every single year, the cable rates go up as they outpace inflation. Finally had 25 channels added to cable last year. There was a $2 rate increase after three months. At the end of 2004, they hiked the rates up by $5!!! They even hiked up the rates of the worthless Starz!/Encore mantinee pack by $1.50 which led me to drop those two channels like a bomb only to be charged by the damn cable company a fee of $20 for the downgrade. b*******s! I once heard that sports channels are the reason for some of the big rate increases over the year. if that is the case, I wish they would take ESPN, ESPN 2, and Fox Sports and set thme up in some Sports Fan subscribed pack that people can drop if they want cheaper cable rates. Just a thought.


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What's the price of a sort an average cable package in your area? We've something like 65 $ / month (for a total of about 25 channels .... :cry: ). Around here (old continent) the appearance of digital tv has made people drop cable quite a bit altogether, since I believe our packages are pretty limited to what you got (as what we have in tv ...). So we've the prices going downwards ... :praying: .... but the other major similar costs, mainly internet connections, are still hanging high at similar prices / month, and don't seem to be decreasing that much. But if you leave out sports (which can be done) the monthly cable costs decrease right about 30-40%.

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Will be paying about $42 a month soon after the 3 month discount of 25 percent ends next month (because I complained about the rates back in Decemeber and they gave me a discount) for 60 channels on regular analog cable (which is about the same as 120 channels on digital satellite if you trim away all of the crap channels).

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:arguing: with cable company is a good past time ... I'm hoping to be able to ditch all other means of "input" except adsl sometime 2006 (hopefully, if these things progress as they usually do might take longer) when ought to have an 8 Mb/s line, then the bandwidth supposedly should be enough to get an adequate quality picture through ... perhaps I can then fulfill my life long dream of connecting the fridge to my LAN.
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