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The Dueling War Of The Worlds



I thought only two versions of WAR OF THE WORLDS were coming out (one is the low budget version from Pendragon Pictures and the other is the big budget version directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise), but a third version (known as WOTW or INVASION) starring C. Thomas Howell is coming to DVD on Tuesday (a day before the big buudget film starring Mr. Cruise opens in theaters). Without further wait, a review of the Pendragon Pictures take on the H.G. Wells tale:http://enterline2.tripod.com/wotw1898.html


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Doggonit, I was hoping the "faithful-to-the-book" version would be better done. Thanks for the clue-in to the problems with this one.

I'm so turned off by Cruise's antics (covered so thoroughly by our national media) and the incessant advertising for the movie that I may have to just skip this one until it fades into cinematic obscurity, i.e, after it's made all the big profits it can likely draw.

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I saw the "War of the Worlds" today. I actually liked it, as far as mindless action movies go. But I liked "Independence Day" better! :gaba:

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