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The End Of The World As We Know It.



I was just reading about them sending the space shuttle up and how everything had to be perfect and that there are no spair shuttles if something goes wrong, and that, if they keep on schedule, then the international space station will have been built in the year 2010, and then I remember someone asking me when would the world end?and I said May 5, 2012, and they said, how do you know that? and it was "well, the myan (sp) calender ends on that day- and they have been accurate in predicting comets and eclipses and the what not, and while we believed them to be less civalized, they were more into following the path of the stars, just like Stone henge."and they looked at me and said. "uh, so, is that why you got a 30 yr morgage??""yep"HehKath

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