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Another Personal Rant...

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I'll comment here only by saying this seems extreme. Whatever happened to counseling students (and their parents) that seem troubled? It's also a bit ludicrous that they charge two pre-teens with felonies for implying violence but have not made any evaluation (or haven't revealed the details) of why they drew the picture or whether they may have been influenced by something done earlier by the kid they were supposedly targeting.Pictures Show Classmate Being Stabbed, HungOCALA, Fla. -- Two boys, ages 9 and 10, were charged with felonies and taken away from school in handcuffs, accused of making violent drawings of stick figures.The boys were arrested Monday on charges of making a written threat to kill or harm another person, a second-degree felony. The special education students used pencil and red crayon to draw primitive stick figure scenes on scrap paper that showed a 10-year-old classmate being stabbed and hung, police said. "The officer found they were drawing these pictures for the sole purpose of intimidating and scaring the victim," said Ocala Police Sgt. Russ Kern.The boy depicted in the drawings told his teacher, who took the sketches and contacted the school dean, Marty Clifford. Clifford called police, who arrested the boys after consulting with the State Attorney's Office.They were also suspended from school.One drawing showed the two boys standing on either side of the other boy and "holding knives pointed through" his body, according to a police report. The figures were identified by written names or initials.Another drawing showed a stick figure hanging, tears falling from his eyes, with two other stick figures standing below him. Other pieces of scrap paper listed misspelled profanities and the initials of the boy who was allegedly threatened.Parents of both of the arrested boys said they thought the boys should be punished by the school and families, not the legal system.Ocala police said they stand behind the decision to arrest the children."When an adult or even myself look at the picture looked at it at first I was thinking there is really not much to the picture or I would not be that scared by the picture those children drew," Ocala police spokesman Russ Kearn said. "However, we have to put ourselves in his mind and that's the bottom line here. It is his well-being and the way he perceived that picture to be. It actually put him in extreme fear and he was in fear for his life."

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Talk about over-reacting. Yeesh. It should be handled by the schools and not the legal system. Whenever I got in trouble in junior high, the school handled the punishment. I mean they did over-react one time when they thought I made a comment about blowing up the school. I don't know where they got that fantasy comment from (because I didn't remember making any such comment at all). So I was taken to talk to the Vice-Principal. In a way, sometimes schools are a little too sensitive.

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Hear you, people and many of our systems seem to in instances have lost their sense of realism and perspective, doing more harm than good. Seems that so often no one takes responsibility and initiative when supposed to, but rather makes it a legal issue.

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