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Bugfest Feast!



Okay...the Old Man requested to see some pictures of some of the things I ate at Bugfest last Saturday. I pulled these off the loacl news website. Enjoy!! I did! :bigsmile: First, I started with the scorpion and silkworm pupa stir-fry:blog-737-1124576393_thumb.jpgThen, you add some "critter fritters" made with mealworms, waxworms, and crickets: blog-737-1124576347_thumb.jpgAdd some "ant"-chiladas to your plate..yummy!!blog-737-1124576366_thumb.jpgAnd for the piece de resistance' ~ Giant steamed Waterbug!!blog-737-1124576427_thumb.jpgblog-737-1124576452_thumb.jpgI even went back for seconds!! :wtf:

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