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New Rose Hotel

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I finally watched NEW ROSE HOTEL the other night. It is based on a short story by William Gibson. Anyway, the movie is directed by Abel Ferrara. Fox(Christopher Walken) and X (Willem Dafoe) recruit a hooker named Sandii (the beautiful and talented Asia Argento) to seduce a scientist, Hiroshi (Yoshitaka Amano), to get him to defect to another corporation that wants his talents. Now to the grit of the movie. NEW ROSE HOTEL is one weird movie. Christopher Walken watched lesbian porn (that is what I'm calling it since he is seeing video of two women making out) and Willem Dafoe gets laid (Sandii and sone Asian hookers). The fault of this movie is it seems that Abel ran out of footage to shot and thus the last 20 minutes becomes a loop of scenes from earlier in the movie. It just goes to show that even some of the most interesting directors and actors can be in movies that end up being a mess.

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