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When The Rain Falls...



I was off today, and spent it eating poptarts, trying to fix the dvd player (hopeless but there isn't a dvd in it at least) and getting my vcr to work with out the romote.I had purchased Calender Girls & Atlantis 2 Milo returns- ages ago, and It was raining all day and I let the ferts out and they got into the bathroom (just like kids when they get too quiet you know there is trouble...)And I cried over a movie.Calender girls was rated as a comidy, and I cried. I still feel very sad for watching it, and more so because it was a true story.Annies beloved husband developes Lukemia, and she brings him home to die. In the process she and her friend Chris learn the hospital doesn't have a proper place for someone to wait - and Chris (who has succeeded in very little in her life as did the desasterous vodka taisting event) gets an idea for the yearly calender to be of the women- in their mature years -posing behind stuff like afruit bowl, a watering can etc, Nothing showing - well a crack, if that- and the pictures done were done by a young orderly who helped to take care of Annies husband.Lives are forever changed in this story, Fame isn't all glory and when the dust settles, a marrage is over, a son is arrested, and a friendship almost comes to the end.It was about money, but never about money- it was preserving a memory of a dear husband.at the end of the film they said what had happened to everything, and the group was able to put a new wing on the hospital for research of lukemia, and , of course, a sofa. nearly half a million pounds were raised by these noble women.I am reminded of a discussion that I had with Peter, both of us wonder why we should develope cancer. I think, if I had not had mine, I would not have the words, or the strength or wisdom to help him deal with his.Today, I cried because life popped up its head and reminded me of the frail nature of life...Kath


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