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The Time Is Near



gallery_1248_57_24587.jpgThe Time is Near. Will I turn out to be a Rooster, crowing at the dawn, or is it still late at night? This, I hope, will be the prologue post to the first posting of my Millennium/Hellraiser Fanfic Crossover - Lament's Configurations.Chapter 1 is complete and Chapter 2 is underway. If all goes well I will shortly be receiving feedback from members of our local writer's group and shortly thereafter it is my intention that it be posted. The entire story as I envision it should be at least the length of a novella and if all goes well a full-blown novel. Like the Legion mythology that has a story arc that covers many episdoes over three seasons, it is my belief that I have enough ideas to generate the material for a trilogy of novels that explores Frank Black's discovery of the existence of, and encounters with, the Cenobites - servant's of Leviathan and his introduction to a new order of evil.At the outset my desire is to follow a Millennium style story template and refrain from the bloodbath and gore-infested slock that always looms as a danger when you try to write something for a horror series like Hellraiser. My aim is to write a tale of such calibre that were Frank Black to read this story he wouldn't find it to be the mindless schlock that he views the horror genre of films with in "Thirteen Years Later" and "Midnight of the Century". I hope my intent carries through in this way, and it is perhaps a good omen that in general, the Hellraiser movies were somewhat restrained in their graphic portrayals. I invite and welcome comments. This will be my first time putting my writing out for public consumption, so I hope you find it worthy. If anyone associated with Millennium or Hellraiser should read it and find it entertaining and good in your estimation I'd love to hear your feedback as an insider. My thanks go out to my wife, Gwen, and also our friends, Caroline and Sue, who have always believed in me and supported my desire to write stories. I'd also like to thank the various roleplaying gamers I've played with for the last 25 years for whom I've been generating plotlines, scenarios and dialogue on a weekly basis. This has been the fire within which the metal of my skills as a storyteller have been forged. I'd also like to thank the good folks of the TIWWA forum who have encouraged me and helped me build a better understanding of Millennium and in some cases Hellraiser too. I'd also like to thank the good folks as Ten Thirteen (1013) Productions and especially Chris Carter, without whom there would be no Millennium, and of course Clive Barker and all those responsible for the Hellraiser mythos. Finally I'd like to dedicate this story to Lance Henriksen and Doug Bradley who brought the characters of Frank Black and Pinhead to life for us.

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Good luck with your stories and your Blog! Always great to see another member of the TIWWA family get stuck into the Blog!

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