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A New Idea Millennium: The Trust



OK, so I just had a brainstorm idea. I was thinking about how we could promote the idea of a Millennium movie (as you may have seen the post in the thread regarding the petition) and while working up a promo piece came up with an idea for a novel, a movie, or a series direction. My idea is Millennium: The Trust. In second season we were introduced to another consulting group - The Trust - made up of former colleagues of Frank's from his early days at the FBI...Excerpted from "The Fouth Horseman" —[Front room – day. Frank is sat on his sofa. Richard Gilbert places a silver folder marked "THE TRUST" on a table.]RICHARD: We're calling it "The Trust", and we have two ex-KGB, two ex-MOSSAD agents working alongside an old company man – who'd have believed it. Of course the rest of us you know from the old Bureau days. Duncan, Vitaris, Brian Dixon. We feel, Frank, that we have taken the best elements of these organizations, and dumped the worst, and put together a corporate security consultation dream team.FRANK: That sounds great, Rich. I'm really happy for you and those guys, and …RICHARD: I tell you what, Frank – we've taken off like a rocket. And it's not just disgruntled employees and stalkers. Y'see, we're working with Western corporations in Moscow harassed by Russian gangsters.FRANK: Threat assessment?RICHARD: Yessir. And we've worked with, uh, the Japanese officials about the Aum Shinri Kyo Sect. Even governments in Columbia.FRANK: (smiles) Rich, you don't have to pitch me, you don't have to sell me.RICHARD: I just can't tell you how many times one of us from the Bureau says "well, we could sure use Frank on this one."FRANK: You want me to come and work for Brian Dixon?RICHARD: (chuckles) No, even Dix didn't want that – no, you're his idol. Now we all agree that the only way to do this is for you to come aboard as a full partner.[Frank is intrigued, and sits closer.]FRANK: What?RICHARD: My hunch is you're tight on funds …[Frank looks slightly embarrassed.]RICHARD: … so the company will take care of the buy-in money. And you can work against it. Now I don't know what the Millennium Group pays you, but I'm sure we'll be in the ballpark, and the advantage is this one's yours. So you know what it is, and we're all upfront about everything. Hell, you'd have more time to spend with Jordan, and the potential to make more for her future.They're what appear to be a squeaky clean outfit set in juxtaposition to the tarnished Millennium Group. The Trust would be a logical evolution of setting for Frank for the next leg of his adventures. At the beginning of third season Frank has moved from the Millennium Group to the FBI where he can expose and pursue the Group for it's evil turns. Thwarted by disbelief and misdirection within the FBI he finally leaves when Agent Hollis makes the ultimate betrayal and joins the Group as their insider at the FBI. At the end of the third season Frank "runs off into the sunset" with Jordan, leaving behind the FBI. At the end of Season 3 we are left with the impression that Peter Watts has been killed by the Group, but we don't have definite proof of this. It is conceivable that Watts could have killed his attacker. Which of course means it is possible to "ressurect him from the dead."At the end of Season 2 we are left with the impression that Lara Means has possibly gone irretreivably insane and was left to die from the marburg outbreak in the asylum. But we learned in Season 3 that the outbreak only killed 80 people, meaning poor Lara's still in the asylum pending release by another writer. It was Frank's intent in "The Fourth Horseman" that he couldn't leave the Group for The Trust without bringing Peter Watts and Lara Means with him ..."FRANK: I'm here to accept your offer.[They shake hands, begin walking together.]FRANK: I'm really grateful for you guys. And I'm anxious to begin working with you.[Richard stops.]RICHARD: But we have to wait.[Frank nods.]FRANK: We can no longer communicate by phone.RICHARD: The Trust understands the danger you're in.[This surprises Frank.]RICHARD: We've heard about the Millennium Group.FRANK: There are people involved. I can't leave them behind. I've got to get them out.RICHARD: Investigating the Millennium Group will be the most difficult case you've ever had. They don't tolerate enemies.With the right spin it could be possible for the three to reunite and go to The Trust. I figure that if Frank could come back from mental place he was in ... [A small, square room with one small window and door. Lara is lying strapped to a bed, staring straight at the ceiling, blinking occasionally. Frank is sitting with his leg crossed at a chair.]FRANK: Lara, you're the only one – not my wife, not my family – who ever understood. (a beat) Only you.[Lara just stares, peacefully.]FRANK: I've traveled that road, Lara, that you're on. What I saw made me swear that I would rather die than return.[Lara is unresponsive.]FRANK: Oh, I know peace can be found there. And if you do – if you do find it – I know you will never return. (under his breath) Thank you. (to Lara, louder) Thank you.[Frank gets up and leaves. The room's door slams shut.]... then so could Lara. Peter's loyalty to the Group presents a problem, but having a hitman sent to wack him might have been just the encouragement he needed to convince him that he had to get out. In addition to this the execution of some or all of his family would be enough to finish the job. According to the X-Files episode Millennium the Group disbanded. Hopeful thinking I'd say, and I suspect the FBI's information is wrong, likely skewed by Director Hollis. As it is put in "The Hand of St. Sebastien" ... "The church is a snake in the open. It is the snake in the grass that causes concern." The Group has likely gone underground as it was when the Templars disbanded and became the Masons.Afterall, the Owls believing in a secular Apocalypse - as Lara explains it in Roosters ...LARA: So, Johnston's claim, the Owls claim, is that six billion years ago, before the formation of the Earth, two neutron stars collided six billion light years away. This collision released cosmic rays, particles of such extreme energy, that the collision of these particles could transform the vacuum of space and cause a tear in the fabric of our universe.[Lara pauses, preparing.]LARA: The Owls claims to have proof, that this tear, this expanding cosmic bubble, will reach our solar system within the next sixty years. And a new universe, its properties calculated anywhere between apocalyptic and inconsequential, will be created.... will see they have not been relieved of their responsibility to the world and will carry on in one form or another, the same way the Family fragmented from the group and have continued with their mission. The Roosters may or may not have persisted. Given the theme of "we are racing towards an apocalypse of our own creation" I would think if anyone would have a reason to create an apocalypse it would be the Roosters in an attempt to bring about the return of the Messiah. There are many threats out there including our favorite devil-girl, Lucy Butler. Many avenues to explore. Somewhere there's a story waiting to be told by me. I just need to find it. And who know what it may become. A comic. A novel. A movie. Part of a series. (OK, so I like to think big.)This Is Who We Are


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