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Howls In The Night......

Raven Wolf


I am tired.

I am tired of being alone....yet never alone. Of being helpless to move forward with my life, abandoned like a bad habit..........Yet constantly clung to, like the same bad habit, with a stranglehold of dependence and a need to control. Yep, that's it. I feel like a f***ing cigarette (damn....I actually DO feel like a cigarette! Pitty I can't smoke anymore)

Yeah.... A used, tired old cigarette.....sucked dry, 'till there's nothing left of the soul inside. All smoked out and spread to the wind. Depended on completely for support, yet blamed for all that is wrong in the lives of the users. Expected to be the answer to every question, and then snuffed out when I fail to satisfy the emptiness inside. Tossed into a muddy ditch, or a scorching sidewalk, and ground into the dirt by the bootheals of my abuser.

My Soul Is Tired.....




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Ever just have one of those days...? Well, I've had one of those days for about 30 years.

Thankfully, my Terry will be here within a week....so I'll get that great big hug from him!

Oh, and I can feel yours, even from this far away... :grouphug:

Thanks, my friend! :ouro:

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Well I was going to attach a teddy bear to my last comment except it seems you can't do uploads in Blog Comments! D'oh!

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