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The Trust: A Frank Black / Millennium Story

Maxx Blackwell


"A writer wants his work to affect people. You'd prefer the effects not be expressed by death threats, but beggars cannot be choosers."

— Jose Chung, Millennium: Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense

Well, I've taken the plunge so to speak. I have signed up for National Novel Writing Month (in the US) and have put my Millennium/Hellraiser story, Lament's Configurations - on hold for the month of November. There doesn't seem to be much interest in it, so I figure no loss for now.

THE TRUST will be my project, the goal of which is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days in November. The website for National Novel Writing Month, in case anyone's interested can be located at ...


To go along with this endeavor I have created a new banner - I think everyone will probably be happy to see a new banner ad in my posts for a change, and this one will be up for the month of November.


In addition I have created a new avatar...


I hope you like it! A review of your opinions on these would be great!

I guess that's it for now. I'm working on developing a plot, figuring out who my villain is, and developing a support cast. While I won't be posting chapters here as I'm working on it, I may put something up when I'm finished. We'll see how it is first.

Until then be well.





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Good luck with the novel writing competition!

Love the new artwork, your Blog looks really good! :clapping:

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Good luck with the novel writing competition!

Love the new artwork, your Blog looks really good! :clapping:

Thanks Graham! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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