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Getting A Real Life...



:alien2: Ok, so, someone sends me a link about a crop circle painting done in 1913, and having a curious mind, I follow it, and it turns out to be a guys blog about getting a painting at an estate sale, and having problems getting it through airport security, and having papers that were hidden in it found.

now, I followed it with intrest and read it, and joined the forum because, heck. if I wasn't the curious sort would I be here??

and I don't have time to read everything, or do searches, and I wait a few days and the membership swells. and I think ok, well, maybe I can add my two cent to it.

which was my first post.

the second post was after I did some leg work and I get back to post it, and then I get a PM from someone on the board who is pissed at me.

because, I *had* uncovered the truth.

It was a game.

the blog, the forum the website that was created ON THE SAME FRIGGEN DAY to support the findings on the first board, was done by some STUDIO.

and the second web site that I found on it was like yeah, its a game, they are so in on the ground floor of it.

and I am thinking, What the fuc?

and that was the basis of my second post, and it pissed people off.


and I am thinking, hang on.

there is a fool born every moment, and maybe there are people who *like* to pretend this stuff, but they need their own lives.


and maybe I am just- jaded. Maybe from being here- and knowing there are real people who do go after this stuff (me included when it came time to research a beer stine from my grandfather) but- ya know, I think what pissed me off the most was that this whole thing was going to be put into another media form (ie , a vidio game, or movie) and make money from it.

I posted a third time, when some one was wrote, we have discussed this on another thread, please re direct...

and I was like Its a friggen game. Get a life.

and no doubt that it will be pulled, or locked, or censored, and I don't care.

because, what I seek is the truth.

and if it is based on lies, then forget them. :alien:

and they can :fuyou_2: :censored::censored2:



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