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Dancing In The Dark, Dancing With Danger.



So last sunday I have off and I go to Mums house and my sis in law is there with her kids, and I sit and I listen. Its how i have come to learn a great deal in my life, about - things-

My sis in law is talking about my niece, and that she has to testify in federal court, and how its pretty serious.

My niece has a friend who is into things, and My niece was informed not to hang around this girl because she is trouble. the girl doesn't care as long as its her way, and she sucked my niece into it all last year. This girl has no morals, no concerns about the welfare of others. She perswaded my niece to not get on the bus after the school picnic was done, they were going to go home with *friends* of hers, but the friends bugged out on them leaving them at the amusment park and no way for my niece to get home. She had the sense, to call my brother and my sis in law picked her up and drove her through the neighborhoods, pointing out the pimps and the drug dealers going down, and how dangerous it was for her - just 14 to be by herself.

My niece had planned to have a halloween party, and the day before, she was to walk home after a football game with her *friend* who, decided to just leave her behind, thinking nothing of it, and my niece had to walk home in the dark with the male teenage element following her, making crude remarks and threatining her until she was able to get to the safty of her block.

two weeks ago, unknown to my sister in law, there were problems at school, involving the girl, and 2 others and my niece and a male student who told them he had a gun and he was going to write their names on the bullets and kill all of them. He discribed the gun and the bullets, and where he was going to shoot them, and my niece had the sense to tell a teacher. Other kids over heard this and the boy was suspended from the school for 14 days, pending his trial- with the DHS, now, threating someone on school property with a gun is concidered terroistic threats, and is now a felony. Even if there wasn't a gun on the property- it was found that he did have a gun, just like the one he threatend them with.

I asked my sis in law, where is he? and she said Home, & suspended. and it panics me- that not only did this kid have the access to the guns, even though by the accounts of others, my niece had nothing to do with the reason why he was going to shoot them, it was because she was there. and I have to wonder what is going on with the world. why is this happening.



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