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I'm Waiting



I have 4 rolls of film I need to develop: a slide roll from end of October, a black and white roll from last year, a 12 exposure roll of color film, and a roll of black and white film I just finished up. I so want a female model to take pictures of and do something creative while being interesting and strange. I want to be able to tell a story with a picture and some pictures feel like movie stills (maybe some from a film noir). I just need to track that certain female model that I would have synergy with and is extremely photogenic. I'm looking to atek my photography skills in new directions as I want to expand on the dreams I have for interesting photos. I know there interesting tpeople and things to take pictures of if you're only in the right spot at teh right time.Personally, I like taking pictures in black and white, but I have seen some interesting venues when shooting a professional slide roll. Utimately, I do need a digital camera I can take with me anywhere without taking up too much space. Also I need a digital video camera because I know I can make a better movie than some of the dreck that is out there.


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David... Now that I've figured out how to respond to this...please go to my blog and see the entry that is titled "To Voidprime".

I look forward to hearing from you soon! :praying:

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No plans to fly south for the winter. I have projects to work on, projects to start, and so on. Thinking of taking some photographs of some cool broken down cabins.

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That sounds wonderful! I had no idea we had this in common! Such a pitty we don't live closer to each other. We could colaberate on projects. I'm just now getting into this.... And feel weird about a lot of it.... But that's another story for another day.

I know this sounds conceeted...but it would be fun to model for you!

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Hey-I'd love to model for you-pics in B & W can be so sensual-you know(no flirting intended). I don't know where you're located but I'm in North Carolina-closer to RavenWolf-probably too far for you!! Oh well!! :cry::devil::angryred: :grin:

Ok- maybe a little harmless flirting! :rofl:

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RavenWolf, the last comment was a jab at a little humor. Anyway, I always look for that certain something for anyone that I take pictures of.

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I know you were being funny. I was just being playful back. (*wink*)

What certain something are you looking for?

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