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Stop the world, I wanna get off... Im car sick~



So for my job I train people. No biggie. The last person, well, she has been through training twice before and just doesn't seem to grasp the point of what she has to do. Not the brightest bulb in the box, sharpiset tool in the shed etc. so I get to train her a third time, and they say "take as much time as you need..." which turns out to 8 days. (they said three weeks, but she wasn't there half the time. And it got to the point that if I would have crammed one more thing into her head it would have exploded.

so the first time she had problems she calls me, and starts freaking out and I tell her, I can't help her to call the techs, and she calls back again, and again and then she says her equipment is down and can she bring stuff over to my location and I think ok, they said she was down, sure...

and I learn at 340 that she didn't call anyone... so I have her calland she basicly says I told her to bring her stuff over... and I get chewed out by the teck as he said "she spent three friggen weeks with you and didn't learn anything...

which wasn't true.

So I had to type up a summery report of what I had trained her in, and it went 5 pages. small type. and then I had to do damage control. because it wasn't just her job, it was mine.

so I call her and I tell her, she knows what to do, she is just nervous to do it , and she has to find something in herself to calm her because I can't be holding her hand the whole time. She can close her eyes and pretend it, and I will talk her through stuff, but I can't be there 24/7 for her.

and I wait for the other shoe to fall. well today the dm came in and he didn't say much to me, but, on the other hand, he didn't have my pink slip ether. and I begin training on tues with a new person.

lord love a duck.

I still have to get the other one through inventory, and its a mess and I was to go away this week end, but I have been ill and begged off ,

somehow I have to take 112 hrs of vacation time, and not a clue how.

ah well.

there is always the cracker box factory



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