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To Voidprime....

Raven Wolf


I'm WaitingCategory: Photography  Yesterday, 01:17 PM  I have 4 rolls of film I need to develop: a slide roll from end of October, a black and white roll from last year, a 12 exposure roll of color film, and a roll of black and white film I just finished up. I so want a female model to take pictures of and do something creative while being interesting and strange. I want to be able to tell a story with a picture and some pictures feel like movie stills (maybe some from a film noir). I just need to track that certain female model that I would have synergy with and is extremely photogenic. I'm looking to atek my photography skills in new directions as I want to expand on the dreams I have for interesting photos. I know there interesting tpeople and things to take pictures of if you're only in the right spot at teh right time.Personally, I like taking pictures in black and white, but I have seen some interesting venues when shooting a professional slide roll. Utimately, I do need a digital camera I can take with me anywhere without taking up too much space. Also I need a digital video camera because I know I can make a better movie than some of the dreck that is out there.
I wanted to respond to this post, but could not find any "Add Reply" link.It's a pitty we live so far apart. I have an interest in photographic art, myself. I've taken a few pretty interesting ones, as well as some kinda cool vidio footage of a HUGE flock of swifts that took up residence in my chimeny last fall for a few weeks. When they were flying together in a huge mass, they looked like bats!Also....Not intending to sound conceeted or anything....(most who know me would laugh at the thought!) but I have been told I'm rather photogenic :eyes: I once tried out at a modeling-recruting thing....just for fun....and the main thing I had against me was I was too short. (5' 2") So, if you're ever in Georgia....I'll volunteer as your victom! LOL :devil: What do you say....lol :gaba::wtf:


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Beware if you ever become my photo victim. Hehehehehe.

Back to surfing the net and thinking of entries for my various blogs (you could get a LiveJournal.com blofg to comment on my ENTERLINE MEDIA UPDATES LJ aka enterlinemedia).

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I've got a free version of Live Journal. How do I find Yours?

And...HEY.... Who's to say I wouldn't ENJOY being your photo vicim?

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Kinda...yeah...LOL It's still unfocused, as of yet. Not realy any clear "theme". That's why I admire yours! LOL Mine is a mish-mash of personal stuff and that self-help thing that I thought would be helpful (God knows I need it!), but then, as you pointed out, I saw it was a bit too "Selfisophical". LOL

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