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Here's something you UK-ers might find interesting



A "pibroch" (or "pibrough" as it sometimes spelled) is basically a militaristic hymn intended to encourage avid support for a cause. I heard a version of a Scottish pibroch about the Scots' support of Bonnie Prince Charlie by a Confederate reenactor group/band called the 12th Louisiana String Band (album named "Songs of the Southern Highlands"). Since this song is in the public domain, I "borrowed" the tune and composed new words to give yet another description/Confederate tribute centered on the Battle of Franklin, Nov. 30, 1864.

Here are my lyrics:

Go to Meet the Yankees

(On to Franklin)

Lyrics © 2006, Wayne B. Anderson

(based on "Sound the Pibroch")

Sound the order, rise and go

Take the fight to the Fed'ral foe

On to Franklin, just two miles more

And go to meet the Yankees


Marching on and on and on

Marching on and on and on

Marching on and on and on

Rise to meet the Yankees

And see our bold and ragged band

With courage fly their flags so grand

And proudly vow with heart and hand

To go and strike the Yankees


On dark Franklin's field of gore

The battle rages, the cannon roar

They bravely fight, saying give them more

They die, slain by the Yankees


No more we'll see their like again

This army of bold Southern men

Proudly the flags fly over them

These men slain by the Yankees


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That's really good Wayne, you should record these songs and upload them as mp3's! You certainly have a knack for describing the battlefield and the coldness of war. Well done!

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