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Global Warning -- The science not the hype



I was glad to see this article published as an alternative to all the hype that keeps being foisted on the people of the Western Hemisphere, particularly in the US. I'm sure the liberal politicos, Al Gore in particular, and the even-more liberal celebrities from Hollywood and the music world will want to have a lot of this science pooh-poohed as not believable. However, since the "alarmist" rantings always come down to believe me because I said so and not because I can prove anything scientifically, I'm sure their refuting of the science will amount to no more than personal attacks on the scientists, a lot of high-sounding hubris and a demonstration of a lot of personal indignation at having their opinion questioned by those who obviously aren't as 'enlightened' as they are.

Open your mind and read some of this:

Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe

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I would counter that argument with a new study that has just been released: https://www8.nationalacademies.org/onpinews...?RecordID=11676

I must say that I find weather changes here alarming. Of course, I know that weather is different from climate, but over the past 5 years we've had more and more extremes here: Hot summers, long cold winters, not to speak of the numerous thunder storms that now run through here at least once a week. Neither my parents nor my grandparents, who have always lived in this region, remember any such weather from the past. And I'm not just talking about this year ... I don't necessarily believe that we are not able to adapt to climate change, but I think we are having an impact on long-term climate developments, though it is certainly too late affect any developments for the next ten, twenty years.

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