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yo ho ho just give me the F'n Rum...



its bloody hot out side and I've finaly cut the grass in the back yard, and it takes about 2 hrs to do. So I come in, eat my lunch and call mum who tells me to go out and get stuff to wear for my nieces wedding next week end, and my sister says go to such and such a place because she can go in and pick stuff up and she has no problems at all.

To say that I am short, is an understatement. the average pants that I held up in my size would have gone up to my arm pits. People don't understand. they really don't. My brother has a 41 inseam. I have a 26. most of my height, (28 inches) more is from that point up. not only is there problems getting cloths, there are problems when I walk along other people. they can get twelve more inches to their stride than I can, ergo, I have to take 2x the amount of steps they do.

it also presents the problem that when I sit in chairs, well, my feet don't touch the ground, and lemme tell you, its like being in a high chair. I haven't bought chairs for my kitchen table because,,, I can't find any that I like that I can have them wack off two inches for me to sit in them. Of course then the people who DO sit in them won't be comfortable, so its like, what ever...

so, Mum wants me to go shopping, spend money ,and get my hair cut for my nieces wedding.

No one is friggen looking at me anyway. She says I look *cute* in short hair. a guy can do short hair, and long hair, and its better short, but a gal can do long hair all of her life.





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