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the first time

nothing i do is magic


so i've never had a blog before. (be warned - i use that word, 'so' a lot in my writing, especially in an introductory capacity. get used to it.) i'm not sure why i'm starting one now, only something about this time and place and the last 15 minutes (while i was trying to figure out how to make this one) made me want one. and i'm sick of random wants floating around only loosely tethered to my head and reality.

i wanted a place, albeit a small, online one, where i could "live" without lies. don't worry, and don't get me wrong, i'm not a pathological liar or anything. i don't consider lying a sin, and not even 'wrong'. i've often found that, far from hurting people, lies can make things easier.

but enough about that. why create a space without lies if only to preach on my little soap box about them? so i promise here and now to myself and whichever stranger acquaintances of mine on this board read this (as no one i know in real life is anywhere near joining this board), no lies.

so why a MM blog, open, as i said, only to essentially strangers? MM is one of the main forces in my life, second in importance only to probably oxygen. it's not the literal text on screen but the impression it has on me. i've read similar statements from other fans. there are certain episodes i can recite by heart and there are some i've only seen twice. i recently rewatched maybe five episodes and realized there was so much of this beautiful thing i've forgotten. i have dozens of MM stories hovering somewhere between my head and a printed page. as i've probably made abundantly clear, i'm not religious, so that aspect of the show is, for me, part of the translation. but it doesn't dilute the fascination. whatever it is about this program i shudder to think of who i would be without it. and it's strange to think that basically no one i know knows it.

well, i've got to wrap this up. i'm not really sure of the decorum concerning one's own blog, but i figure i've bored anyone still reading (besides... no, including myself) to tears. i am keeping my name to myself.

i may sound inane and i may sound insightful, but it is all i.

- nothing :closed:

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