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Potentially controversial news



I thought I'd better put these here instead of the regular board so nobody gets bent out of shape about commenting on politics and cultural issues:

I think the main thrust of this article should be to make everybody take notice of the sad shape we've let the educational system in the US get into:

Gun class for Utah teachers


U.S. agents question teen -- Girl ran anti-Bush page on MySpace

A picture caption from the article: "McClatchy High School freshman Julia Wilson, left, with her sister, Maddy, mother, Kirstie, and father, Jim Moose, in their Land Park home. Julia used to run a Web page on MySpace.com, a social networking site for teens, but now says she thinks it's too juvenile and a time-waster."

I guess the possibility of time in a Federal Peniatentiary might change someone's outlook on whether to keep promoting a MySpace web page.


Here's something interesting to do to kill a bit of time and get a laugh: Get the lyrics to one of your favorite songs in a cut 'n paste text file form.

Go to Google Language Tools and paste the English text into the entry box for translation.

Translate the text from English to German.

Select the translated text in German and copy it.

Paste it back in the entry box.

Translate the German to French.

Select the translated text in French.

Paste it back in the entry box.

Translate the French to English.

Now read it and see how much it's changed. A lot I'll bet.

I did a short version of the folk song "John Hardy" which, after the translation circle, became "Durable John." :rofl:


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