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Not-so-good Day



Yesterday proved to be a not-so-good day for me. Started it off by slipping on my steps down into my garage and banging myself up, particularly my right leg. My ankle is still swelled from hard contact with a step edge as I tried to balance.Had some minor aches when I went to bed and I think that contributed to a nightmare as I was going to sleep. The details of the dream were very troubling and when I woke up after about an hour, it was was because my heart got to racing from the stress of the images.Basically my dream consisted of being witness to the detonation of several nuclear devices, first at a great distance then nearby. In one case, I was watching my oldest son (he's 26) and noticed he was uniformed and apparently in the military (he's not and doesn't intend to be). He suddenly yelled and told others there to take cover because a detonation had occurred on the horizon. The light from the explosion was especially vivid for a dream.The final near-by detonation occurred as I was trying to gain access for my wife and I to a basement in an urban building. We apparently knew another blast was coming. Just as we were tugging on a door, the blast occurred even brighter than before. At that point I woke up.This dream was so vivid and otherwise horrific that I had to stay up for quite a while to get my nerves settled enough to drop off to sleep again.After I got up today, I realized that this was one of those dreams that you don't forget.


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What mmovies have you been watching or have you been watchinga certain MILLENNIUM episode?

that is a creepy nightmare.

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Well, about all I've watched on TV lately that comes anywhere close to having a doomsday connection has been S2 "Millennium" eps off the DVD. I watched the S2 finale eps after I had the dream and of course Lara's "vision" or breakdown (w/Patti Smith accompaniment) has several stock footage shots of nuclear detonations. Had I watched those a day earlier, I'd judge that to be the cause of the dream. Since I had seen the eps in the original broadcast, maybe I was anticipating them... :u_thinking02y:

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This might be reaching a bit, but I've had dreams similar to that sometimes sice 9/11. Maybe your subconscious is sorting out the worry and dilemma that 9/11 and the ensuing war have caused. May sound crazy, but does your family have a "bug out" kit prepared-just in case? Food, water, emergency heat and lighting, first aid-that kind of thing? I am in the process of re-preparing a kit (my daughter and I used everything out of the one Imade a few years ago) .My point is that maybe you might feel better if you knew you had some provisions to carry you through a possible emergency (natural or otherwise). If you already have stuff together, then you've taken the most important step in settling your thoughts. Then I would just have to say...you're just crazy! :jumping: Chalk it up to living in this wonderful century full of unknowns!! :cry: :grin:

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