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Another one bites the dust....

Raven Wolf


I feel like the "clean up crew" of TIWWA...ROFL! How is it that the ones that are *bleeped* in the head all find me! Delt with one troll a couple of years ago....and now a new one has waisted quite a lot of my time.

All under the cloud of trying to HELP me.

In January, I noticed a post by this guy (who shall remain nameless at this time), and it led me to create a sperate group. A "Millennium Group", of people who were trying to find out who murdered an 18 year old girl in 2005. I did all the work...while he sat in the background, giving me orders of what to do next. I felt, since he knew more about the area, and the case, that I should trust him...up to a point, if only to further my own agenda of using my so called "gift", to finally do some GOOD in the world. It was a disaster. Now, months later, I'm picking up the pieces and trying to get somewhere with it, having re-established contact with someone who is close to the family of the victim. All this mess, and time loss, because I believed someone who came alone saying "I want to help you." See...usualy, it's the other way around. I've had to be counselor, court jester, program director my whole *bleeping* life, and so when someone comes along, saying they actually want to HELP me make a positive CHANGE in my life....Well, I cautiously went for it! For months, this man took me through some kind of mind game, while saying this was to teach me to bring wealth into my life...both money, and a general "rich life". I didn't spend any REAL money on him, but I invested WAY too much time to someone who just turned around and stabbed me in the back.

HOW, you might ask??? Because, when he emailed me, and said "You need to go to school and get a PI's license...I'll pay for it." I was VERY uncomfortable. Money is a CONTROL tool. I wasn't even sure if being a PI was what I wanted, and what would be the best thing for me, and everyone involved. I have some strange things going on in my head, most of which I feel quite ashamed of...feeling they make me more than a little crazy. Well, when I hesitated, he turned on me, insulting me to my very core. I retaliated, and blasted him back. He then turned on everyone here at TIWWA, and said I was a lazy cry baby. :ranting:

I'm not going to name names, but I think you might get a clue from Graham's latest post. :smokin:

Anyway, the dust has settled, as it were, and hopefully, I can regain some sense of myself and what I am meant to be doing. I feel like a crazy idiot, because I have these ideas in my head that I've got some kind of intuition or something. It's embarassing, because I feel like people will just think I'm living in a freaking tv show. I don't have enough proof (since the occurances have been spread out over the years) to justify what I'm saying. :embarassed:

That's it for the night. I'll try to stop ranting soon. :smokin:


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Its the Trueman Show all over again! :death:

Look upon this an opportunity to look forward to Christams without the hassle of trolls and then look forward to the New Year!

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"The Trueman Show"? I've seen the movie, but just don't get the refference.

And for some reason, half of your post seems to be cut off like it did before. (I'm on AOL, and will check this with FireFox, just in case)

But, yes, it'll be nice to relax through Christmas....

Hey, where did the X Mas emoticons go? I put the Christmas Skin, and I still don't see them.

:angrymonster: (PacMan is cool, though...lol)

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Ok....Going to firefox fixed that. I can see all of what you said now, but still am wondering about The Trueman Show refference.

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