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Andromeda- Where Did It All Go Wrong?



I loved the first two seasons of Gene Roddenberry''s Andromeda, but then it started to fall apart when they part in Bob Engels as head writer (he can't write an Androemda episode to save his life). The third season had some good episdoes from the remaining writers from the original writing staff (since the original head writer- Robert Hewitt Wolfe- was fired and the story editor- Ethlie Ann Vare- left due to creative differences). Then the original writing staff left after the end of season 3 and season 4 continuesd it's bad descent. Season 4 may have had some great episodes still, but the two part season finale (episodes 421 and 422) was pure dren with the 20th episode being one of the last great episodes of the show.Now they have reached season 5 that drifts further into the butchering of the original concepts of the show. I'm getting tired of them being stuck in the Seefra system (13 episodes have aired so far). Making Dylan a transfigured Vedran is crap and then making the father of all Nietzscheians into a jerk is evena worse insult to all Andromeda fans. It is no surprise the best episode of the season so far is the 11th episode (the 99th episode of the whole series) because it is written by Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz (part of the original writing staff and written some of the best episodes of the series).Now with season 5 being the last season likely, fans of the show will hear soon from Robert Hewitt Wolfe about his original plans for the show in just a few months.Now feel free to debate my view on the show's downfall in quality.


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Luckily the add - comment window doesn't show the original entry ... 'cos I'm right now at the end of S2 and have been enjoying it quite a bit, can't really remember when I'd been as excited about a similar show. I suppose the downhill is expectable, seems that nothing good can keep the pace up for more than a season or two... Anyways, I'm getting a sort of an original vibe about what I've been seeing so far, been more than pleased. :bigsmile:

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You'll see a big difference between most episodes done by the original writing staff in season 3 and the new writers. Then it gets more pronounced in season 4 and 5 when the original writers only show up for the dodd freelance script.

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Should have guessed ... new writers .... :cry: .... time to hit the roof !

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Season 3 was like two different shows:

the show the original writers were still trying to tell

and the show the new writers were trying to change it into.

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