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My poor little Winn dog



my favorite dog got hurt today. He's a fun loving Pomeranian named Winn. He's around 7 or 8 years old. He's my little buddy. He might have to be put to sleep. I just hope he survives this and heals. he has a dislocated leg, a broken pelvis, and he's paralyzed for the moment. He's in no pain now which is good, but I always hoped he would be around for a few more years. Know more on monday. Think good thoughts for the dog.

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Sorry to hear that about your dog. I think dealing with serious diseases and injuries in pets is as bad or worse than having to deal with a sick child or parent. At least humans can give you some indication of how they feel if they're awake. All pets can do is whimper if they hurt. Hope Winn rebounds so you don't have to face the ultimate decision so soon.

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