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Winn has died.



My favorite buddy, the pomerainin named Winn passed away in his sleep on the morining of my brother's birthday. He would jump up on my bed and sleep beside me. he would play ball anytime and bring back the ball ready to have it thrown again. he was gettinga little slower and he rested more often, but he had that spark in him. I was hoping he would be around for many more years behind teh 2 1/2 years I knew him. he was my Step-Mom's dog, but we grew close. he found a new buddy and he came alive even more as his personality reached new levels.

The accident was just too much for him. The dog will be missed and I was rooting for him to pull through. However, it wasn't going to happen. Rest in peace, my little buddy. I have a ball waiting to throw for you anytime.


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