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Some thoughts...at the risk of offending some



Once again a tragedy of record-setting proportions has been inflicted on innocents within our country. And just like clockwork, the liberal media decries the event and hurriedly offers that increased control of firearms is the preventive for future events. I personally find most of the media reporting just 24 hours after the event to be sadly lacking in facts and heavy on the finger-pointing which, at this early hour, is a totally useless exercise.

Already the media in Europe are giving all sorts of opinion on how Americans run America with one news outlet even blaming Charlton Heston, past NRA president, as though he had an active role in bringing about this tragedy. (I'm not going to busy this up giving specific references; if you want to know what I refer to, do a Google search on the internet.)

So what do I think at this early hour? Well, most of my advice and observations involve the media at this point:

  • Give the authorities time to figure out just what happened, when it happened, and why it happened insofar as that can be determined. Stop using the accusatory rhetoric that makes the authorities appear unconcerned, slow, inept, or uses any other epithet making them appear less than capable.
  • Stop putting words in the mouths of the people who are trying to give you factual information on what happened. If they're still gathering facts, they obviously can't interpret aspects on which investigation is incomplete.
  • Stop quoting those that weren't hurt, weren't in the areas where the events took place and can't possibly have any more factual take on the events than anyone else. Just because they were close by and got scared when they found out they hadn't been warned of the danger doesn't make their opinion of things more important or better than anyone else's.
  • If you're not an American, stop trying to analyze US law and the Constitution. Obviously if you're comfortable with whatever form of government your country operates under, you will probably be able to find things about ours that you don't like. To paraphrase a famous movie character: "Frankly, I don't give a damn!" (about your opinion).
  • Stop recycling the same original news items. If you don't have something new to report, leave it alone.

One other point of wonder that I have is why so many victims in the second location allowed themselves to be shot and didn't organize some sort of retaliation? Obviously the first victims there wouldn't have known what was coming but the last ones he fired on should have figured out what was happening so, if they couldn't escape the building, why didn't they turn and assault the shooter?

This is a question I hope is asked along the way to final analysis of the event. It may not be possible to determine the answer but I'm curious because I have a great fear that I already know why. I fear that all of the people in the second building had never been given the incentive to "go down fighting" and probably none of them, save the shooter, thought that they'd be killed before the authorities showed up to save them. Unfortunately they learned a bitter lesson the hardest way possible.


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