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Raven Wolf


It has been 4 years since I joined TIWWA. So many things have happened in that time.... both in my personal life and with my involvement with the group here. Well, I have lately come to realize that there are parts of my mind... my spirit... my soul... which are in pain, and need to be healed.

My best friend, Selfosophy Psycho (who has been like Mulder to me over the years) gave me a "safe place" to release some of the demons of my past, and for this, I thank him. He helped me grow more than he realizes. Now, it is time for the next step. I may only look like a short little woman, but with the weight of horrible memories that fill my mind, I feel I must be the size of a giant, to encase it all. It is time for this to be released, and I don't know how. I have represeed the anger, the fear, the rage, and the sorrow longer than anyone ever should, and it is time for it to GO AWAY so I can move on with my life... be the person I was born to be.

Stay tuned....

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