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Yeah, that's our bureaucracy at its best. (Although there are studies which imply that the increasing amount of livestock does produce an unprecendented and unexpected amount of methane etc.) There are laws for how big apples have to be and how much bananas must be curved in order to be allowed to be sold.

Then again, one of the weirdest ideas regarding global warming, I heard from an American who said that if all Europeans stopped smoking, emissions would be reduced tremendously.

I believe that all of these are ineffective ideas when it comes to global warming, but I am also certain that no-one wants to hear what is really necessary to stop, let alone reverse it.

Funny article/idea though. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Oh, nevermind the EU commission. A bunch of beaurocratic idiots that doesn't know what to do with our money. It reminds me an episode from the " Yes minister " saga.

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