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Well, I've been expecting this...



I've been expecting that the American public was going to be led down the garden path with all the assurances being given after the Patriot Act went into use and more electronic surveillance was being done. Everyone kept hearing how the average person WASN'T the target of the surveillance and need not fear that their conversations and e-mails would be "stolen" and potentially passed on to others. Well, now comes the first "official" to take the next step and say that the citizens need to accept a NEW definition of privacy which doesn't presume that the gov't won't listen in or otherwise "steal" your communications. All the rhetoric and assurances from right and left since 911 have been just more big piles of BULL s***...but I expected that. I also expect that if the focus ever shifts off of the "war on terror" and other foreign intanglements, we can expect that some of our home boys might be looked at a little closer since the FBI, Homeland Security, ad nauseum will be looking for suspicious behavior and possible perps to roust.

Read what's chapped my lower fleshy parts this time:

Intel Official: Expect Less Privacy


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