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The Last of the Great Romantics

Raven Wolf


That is the working title for this "inspired by real life" story, & is subject to change.

Recent events have filled me with a renewed sense of awe & closure, & has inspired me to finally write the story of Nicholas Fitton. This amazing individual is the stuff legends are made of, and someone needs to know the truth.

A very brief summery of our lives, and what this story (to someday be a movie) is about.

Nicholas & I met early in 1988. He was dating my best friend's older sister, & I was instantly captivated by him. I was only 14 (soon to turn 15) at the time. Months later, in July, I felt/sensed the car wreck he was in, on the way home from a 4 of July fireworks display. A connection had already been formed. Some time later, we chanced to meet again at a literary meet of local high schools. My best friend (Laury) gave him my phone number when I wasn't around. Thus began the phone calls, as he kept telling me we were meant to be together. I was afraid he was just a typical, using teenage boy, though a part of me was still enchanted by him. My mom, of course, freaked at the idea of a senior talking to me, a freshman.

Thus began our hiding of our relationship, for the rest of the year and until part way through 1989. Then, he joined the army. We kept in touch while he was there.... for 2 years...until he came home in 1992. Now I was 18, and we had several wonderful months together, though I could tell something had changed in him. He was involved in something very secretive in the military, and feared for my safety if I remained in a relationship with him.

In fall of 1992, I was in a car wreck that some members are familiar with. When I came out of the coma, I started asking for him, though I could remember nothing else. Someone let him know what happened to me, and he came to see me. For the next 15 years, he felt responsible for my wreck, thinking someone tried to kill me for what I knew.

For 15 years, I searched, until now I've found him.


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