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First Ever Blog

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The Old Man has just pointed out that the blogging feature is underused and that you can set one up after only 25 posts. I checked that out when I first joined and it must have moved down from 75. Either way, with 26 posts, I qualified, and figured oh well why not?

I've never blogged before. Mostly I just hang out at a few select forums and post on various things. I like the idea, but it never seemed to me like something that I would spend a lot of time doing. But I just could not help myself. This forum has so many great features compared to my other ones, especially this blog feature, that I had to set one up.

I have no idea yet what I'm going to do with it. But here it is anyway. I'll have more time on my hands to play around with it this summer, I'm sure.

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Congratulations on starting your new Blog! Look forward to reading your thoughts, whatever they may be.

Yes I dropped the requirement down to 25 posts, 75 seemed a bit excessive!

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