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One of my favorite artists



Something interesting to look at since there are no juicy pin-up pictures of yours truly available at the moment: two paintings by one of my favorite artists, Hugo Simberg. The first one is The Wounded Angel (1903), and the second The Garden of Death (1896).



Have a nice weekend! :wink:


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Wow, those are indeed amazing! Thanks for sharing and for the great use of the Blog feature! :clapping:

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Hi Darky :)

The Garden of Death of just wonderful.

When I left school back in the Jurassic era my first folly into the world of study was at art college. Meeting very good students led me to admit that I was quite an average/crap artist so I didn't follow it up after getting my qualification. Whilst there we went to the National Gallery in London for an exhibition on the theme of death in art and it was just superb. Picasso's 'Death of Casagemas' has been a favourite of mine ever since (of course it wasn't there but I bought the postcard lol)

Great blog by the way!



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Thank you both for the nice comments, Graham and Mark!

Eth, I've always been interested in things that have something to do with death, and I mean always, already as a little girl. (What's wrong with me? :helpme::signlol: ) Take graveyards, for example: I find them to be places of peace and comfort, not in the least scary.

The artist who painted The Garden of Death had similar themes in many of his other works. Also, his paintings that depict the devil are very good; I'll see if I can find any good copies of some of them to post here.

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Eth, Have you seen Vivi's articles on the main site covering the use of art in Millennium - totally fascinating stuff.

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Indeed I have and they are absolutely brilliant. A new member recently commented on the excellence of the articles as well and I do hope Vivi got to see the comment. I believe it was in the S3 newbie thread if it was missed.

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Thanks again to both of you darlings, much appreciated. And yes, I think I saw the comment on the thread you mentioned, Eth, it was truly nice.

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