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Millenniumistic TV for UK Viewers Sat 24th - Friday 30th



New update for the listings section and poor old Blighty continues to serve up its Cult TV from the back catalogue and American imports. The most notable addition to the schedule this week is 'Kiss of Death' formerly titled 'Blood Rush' which has worringly been cut from a two part drama to a one off showing (see individiual entry.)

A new feature has been added as movie titles will now be links to the respective IMDB page to allow readers to get a feel of the movie if they are unfamiliar with the title


LVNG Living

VRG1 Virgin1

DCVY Discovery

PREM Sky Premiere

MDGT Sky Modern Greats

HLMK Hallmark

SCFI Sky SciFi/Horror

5US Five US

SCN2 Screen Two

UKGD Uk Gold

BRVO Bravo

NTGP National Geographic

ACTH Sky Action/Thriller

CLSC Sky Classics

FIVR Fiver


FIVE 16.40 Superman II (1980)

ITV1 21.00 Pushing Dasies S01E07

ITV2 1.00 The Grudge 2004

ITV3 3.20 Tales of the Unexpected

E4 18.00 Joan of Arcadia S01E17

E4 19.00 Lost S01E07

ITV4 12.10 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

ITV4 22.30 Moonraker (1979)

FLM4 21.00 Sleepy Hollow (1999)

FLM4 23.00 Wrong Turn (2003)

LVNG 20.00 Ghost Whisperer S02E15

LVNG 3.00 Da Vinci's Inquest

BRVO 18.00 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

FIVR 22.10 Californication S01E04

DCVY 19.00 The Kennedy Assassination - The Conspiracy

PREM 22.00 The Reaping (2007)

DRMA 22.00 The Prestige (2006)


BBC1 14.55 The Return of Indiana Jones

FIVE 15.05 Marooned (1969)

MRE4 22.00 The Girl with Eight Limbs

SKY1 21.00 Lost S04E12

SKY1 4.20 The Dresden Files

HLMK 19.00 Jericho S04E12

SKY2 14.30 A Town Called Eureka

SKY3 1.40 Lock Ness - The Search for the Truth.

DCVY 22.00 Most Evil - Cult Leaders

NTGP 8.00 The Gospel of Judas

NTGP 9.00 The Shroud of Turin

NTGP 10.00 The Da Vinci Code

MDGT 18.00 Arachnophobia (1990)


FIVE 16.40 Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)

BBC1 21.00 Kiss of Death

ITV3 22.45 The Amityville Horror (2005)

ITV3 23.50 Tales of the Unexpected

E4 14.35 Joan of Arcadia

ITV4 19.00 Andromeda S04E22

SKY2 13.00 Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic

MDGT 00.10 Blade (1998)

TCM 00.25 The Haunting (1963)


ITV3 01.10 Tales of the Unexpected

E4 21.00 Smallville S07E01

E4 22.00 Smallville S07E02

BBC4 19.35 Batman

BBC4 22.30 The Baby's Room (2006)

ITV4 14.00 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

ITV4 15.00 UFO

ITV4 19.00 Andromeda S05E01

SKY1 21.00 Battlestar Galactica

HSTY 21.00 Solomon's Treasures

ACTH 00.45 The Crow (1994)


ITV3 00.10 Tales of The Unexpected

E4 21.00 Reaper S01E17

BBC4 19.35 Batman

ITV4 10.30 UFO

ITV4 11.30 Space 1999

ITV4 20.00 The Prisoner

FLM4 21.00 White Noise (2005)

BBHD 23.00 Torchwood

TCM 18.50 Logan's Run (1976)

INDE 20.40 Them 2006


BBC2 21.00 Heroes S02E06

BBC2 23.20 Heroes Unmasked

BBC3 22.30 Heroes S02E07

E4 14.35 Joan of Arcadia

E4 22.30 The Reaper S01E17

ITV4 18.00 The Champions

SKy3 23.00 Hex So2E03

TCM 18.50 2010 (1984)


ITV1 23.45 Raines S01E03

FLM4 00.00 AvP - Alien versus Predator (2004)

LVNG 20.00 Moonlight S01E15

HLMK 20.00 Jericho S02E03

TCM 19.15 Soylent Green (1973)

SCN2 22.45 Next (2007)


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