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Kiss of Death - 26.05.08



I posted a former entry regarding the upcoming Blood Rush starring Louise Lombard. Despite the fact that BBC were unsure of its transmission date only weeks ago it has now been confirmed, albeit with a new moniker, that it will air as Kiss of Death on Monday 26 May, 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm BBC1.

This new crime drama that leaps backwards and forwards in time to uncover the crime from the points of view of everyone involved - those investigating, the perpetrator and the victims is being treated as a back door pilot for a potential series. Sadly it has had zero promotion despite the fact it has the prime time slot on Bank Holiday Monday and Radio Times has given it only the briefest of mention.

Kiss of Death was created by the writer of Waking the Dead though it is notable for having a complex premise and has upped the gore leading reviewers to describe it as hard to watch.

Once again, to my mind, the BBC is petrified of innovation and scared to take a risk and seems to be adopting the policy that anything controversial can not been given a high profile or support.

Louise Lombard departed these shores an age ago and became a name in the US starring in CSI this is the first script she has deemed worthy of a return to British Television.

Whilst something potentially this good is largely overlooked the cover story of the latest issue of the Radio Times is given over to some sentimental BBC2 mush starring Julie Walters as Mary Whitehouse.

Mary would be very proud of the Beeb methinks.

Watch it folks and ensure a series gets made.


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Nuts, I saw this in the Sky Guide yesterday but forgot to record it. I'll check for re-runs but I bet it will be on the BBC's catch-up online service.

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I do hope you get the chance to see this it was superb. Whilst the gore aspect was not as evident as early previews stated it was an intelligent and experimental work and one with plenty of unanswered questions, sadly such dramas are lacking in UK schedules.

As I mentioned Louise Lombard said there were mutterings that this 'could' lead to a series if popular and I do hope that's the case. The characters have so many 'issues' that there is much potential for a longer exploration of them.

After 'Rosemary and Thyme' I thought the British murder mystery format was dead and 'pushing up the daisies' but 'Kiss of Death' did restore my faith again.

Let me know what you think if you should see it :)


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I will! Personally I love Midsomer Murders and A Touch of Frost, never miss 'em! No gore as such but thats okay. Frost is pure dark gloom and Midsomer is just heaven in a creepy, eerie kind of way!

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