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I Want to Believe and SciFi Icons



Issue 15 of SciFiNow Magazine has just been released in the UK and carries a small piece on the upcoming sequel to the first X-Files Movie. Whilst it is a 'small' mention it must be the first mention I have seen in the UK press. Here's hoping that this marks the beginning of the British media paying a little more attention to what's occurring across the pond.

In addition readers of the magazine have been voting for the 'The Top 50 Sci-fi Icons' and whilst Frank failed to make a mark on the judges, shame on you, Mulder and Scully did make the list at 36 with the highest ranking British entry being the Daleks at number 7.

I usually only read SFX but this is a great little magazine and if you see it on the shelves it is well worth £4.00 cover charge.


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