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Wire in the Blood - Series Six



Great news, especially for me as I love this series, 'Wire in the Blood' is filming its sixth series as we speak. Val MacDermid has confirmed this on her website.

"Filming is now under way for a sixth series of WITB. Again, we've got a terrific set of scripts and from what I've seen so far, performances to match. So keep an eye on the UK TV schedules and make sure you don't miss it. I guarantee it'll have you sweating in your seat."



As far as I'm concerned it can't come soon enough. The nearest thing to 'Millennium' the UK has ever produced.

Bring it on :)


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Y'know its funny I only ever watched the pilot for this show and it seems like a couple of years ago and yet they are up to Season 6! You're spot on (when are you not?!), it was very Millenniumistic and I don't know when it came out, but now I think back it was very much like Saw where the guy was tied to that chair with razer/barbed wire and had to escape. I really should have made the effort to watch more episodes.

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I actually mailed ITV to see if I could get a definite date for transmission but as it is set to air later in the year their schedules are incomplete at the moment.

If you should get the chance try to track down the Season Four episode 'Torment'. It is Millennium without the name. What is most startling is not just the heavy Millenniumistic use of Tony Hills 'internal point of view' but the really intricate, psychological plot that is amazingly similar to certain MM S1 episodes.

I also challenge anyone to watch it and not immediately think of X-Files - Daemonicus, I was even convinced at one point they had copied some of the set pieces from it.

The murder of priests in the style Saint's deaths, killers who talk their victims to death, religious cults, witchcraft and much more - Wire in the Blood is the nearest thing we will ever get to a British Millennium and I urge everyone to give it a go.

Check out the funky 'checkerboard sanitarium' lifted from Daemonicus.....WITB - Torment Preview

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