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The Devil's got problems



As promised on a previous entry, here's one of the devil-themed works by Hugo Simberg. The title translates approximately as Poor Devil with its twins. Makes you chuckle doesn't it? I don't know how the artist wanted us to see it; maybe it's supposed to diminish the threat aspect of the Evil One? It also reminds me of what Father Yagher of Seven and One said:

How can we know if there is such a thing as evil? We take it on faith as we accept God. But if we fear it, do we not misplace our faith?



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Y'know I hate to say it but 'Old Scratch' looks positively benign, even cute in that one. I like the little touch of the fabric tied around the lower jaw and head in the way that corpses were prepared to prevent the jaw hanging open - adds to the lack of threat and power in the image by depicting the devil as a poor, corpse-like entity rather than a muscular behemoth with prominent horns and such.

I wonder what was intended by depicting the devil with twins? Some schools assert that Satan and Jesus were twins, one simply being a polar reflection of the other, who knows if this informed the image?

Loving these Darkie and I do hope you will continue to share.

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Hi E,

I'm glad you like these because I'm loving your thoughts on them! Plus I have to agree about the cuteness of the poor thing. And the twins look absolutely heartbreaking!

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