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Upn Has Cancelled Enterprise



The fourth season ends on May 13th with the last new episode to be aired on UPN ever. So mark your calenders for the day the series finale airs (unless someone else picks it up for season 5 like the SCI-FI Channel or SpikeTV).


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Not sure whether to be happy or otherwise, haven't enjoyed trek after DS9 but, on the other hand, I'm still hugely pissed off by the cancellation of Odyssey 5 ... would have liked to see more stuff where Manny Coto is running the show.

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Yeah, I think it has been starting to get worthwhile when they've been able to limit the involvement of some of the old geezers who've been pulling the same stuff too long (looked more like :starwars: than anything intelligent).

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PerennialII, love that light saber action.

I'm enjoying the current three parter that's airing in the USA right now (Romulans, Remans, Andorians, Tellurites, and so on). I will miss this show badly. By the way, the three parter on Vulcan and the other three parter with Brent Spiner were fab too. Too bad Manny Coto isn't writing the final episode (Berman aand Braga are doing that).

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Being near the beginning of S4 myself I'm starting to feel the irony ... Trek finally initiates a leap out of the depths it's been occupying for so long and gets cancelled ... :mabiuswoz'ere: & :censored2:

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Even worse, they have decided not to shop the show around to other networks or cable channels to get a fifth season. At least the DVDs of all four seasons will be out this year.

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Great to get the DVDs but I was still clinging on the shopping around option ....

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