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Our new yellow house?

Raven Wolf


As some of you know, we've been looking for a better place to live for a long time. First, we just wanted out because this place makes Buckstort look like a 5 star resort! But, after months of not really finding anything to rent (very little to choose from) and then getting screwed out of the one place we really LIKED, we happened upon this real estate agent....who's been a real blessing. She actually showed us that it WAS possible for us to own a home! And, then took us looking..... On the FIRST day of looking, this is one of the ones we went to see. I was enchanted from the beginning! It's an old, 1920's Victorian farm house (and I've always wanted a Victorian farm house!), only about a 5 minute drive from a local lake, and I am STILL in shock at the thought this might actually happen!

Please go see all the pictures in my photobucket here, and come back to see the progress! The outside needs painting (yellow, of course!) and the gardens need tending, but this is home!


Go to the link to see ALL the pictures!!!! :swingin:


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Congratulations Sweetie,

I am chuffed to pieces you have found a place you like and wish you well with regards to making it your own. I remember looking for my first place after university and I loathed every single place I viewed. I was so despondent that I would never find a place I liked. House hunting is not for the fain hearted lol.

I know it's been said before but you take great pictures :)

Best wishes,


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I know it's been said before but you take great pictures :)

Why........ Thank you! I don't understand quite why people keep saying that. LOL Are they different than what you'd expect, for some reason? Just curious. It's so rare that I find anything I can do at all...much less do Well, so that makes me curious... :tongue:

I'm just hoping that nothing goes wrong about this one. After so MANY let downs with the rentals we looked at, I've been afraid to get really excited about this one, since I was waiting for the next "upset". But, it may be time to at least be quietly optimistic! :praying:

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Wishing you both the best of luck in your new home guys!

I love it! When's the house warming?

And yes you do keep taking great photos - your natural calling perhaps?

Love the new blog by the way!

PS. Just been to your photobucket, you never said it had an Ouroborus in the garden!

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Thanks, Graham! On all accounts!!!

I'm not sure I know enough people well enough to call for a house warming! We're still waiting for them to stick to a closing date. We had it set for today, but then the appraiser said there were repairs that needed to be done beforehand. This is for the seller to pay though, not us. So, we're just waiting to get all that settled so we can close on it and start the LONG process of moving! LOL

Another bonus will be this.... Where we're in now is so small that most of my stuff isn't even here! It'll be nice to actually be able to decorate and be organized for a change! :swingin:

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PS. Just been to your photobucket, you never said it had an Ouroborus in the garden!

LOL! I didn't see the P.S. before! I hadn't thought of it before, but yeah, I guess it does look kinda like that! It was supposed to be some kind of raised flower bed in the front yard (you can see it in other shots of the front), but there's not much in there but weeds, and the tree stump of a long-since-deceased tree. We were thinking of trying to turn this into a small water feature, like a water fountain or something! What do you think?

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I'll be sure to let you know.

Today's just been frustrating, because they've put off the closing date now for the 4th time! It's nothing wrong on our end. Just inspectors dragging their heals, etc.

Here's hoping they'll get their sh*t together soon! :praying:

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WOW....I just LOVE that house! And it is already TRYING to be YELLOW!! Geeze....leave it to The Old Man to spot the O!! Someone did a lot of restoration already huh? Looks in GREAT shape.....and property on both sides of the road? Out in the country.....what could be better?

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