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Possible new (yellow) house?

Raven Wolf


It's been a full month since the shit hit the fan, so to speak, & we were cheated out of the house we'd worked so hard for...

It's been difficult to look at anything else, without judging it by the standards of what we loved and lost.

But, I now present this possibility to the members here. I've been having a VERY hard time making myself like this place, because it's nothing like the other house, and is no where near the area I wanted to live in. Still, it's in pretty good shape, has a little more land with it than the other one did (good, since I now have the 3 dwarf goats I got for the other house!!!), and is a pretty good price. The floor to the front porch needs replacing, and I hate the interior colors, so I'd HAVE to re-paint. The exterior is vinyl siding, and our real estate agent claims it's a pale yellow, because she knows I wanted to paint the other one yellow, but I just think it's off-white, and would need to be painted, somehow...if you CAN paint that cheep plastic stuff.

Any thoughts on this...positive or negative, would be appreciated.

(you can see all photos and a video at My Photobucket












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Hi chicken :)

I'm really interested as to why you are struggling to like the property. I wondered are you struggling as it flounders in comparison to what has gone before or do you simply not 'feel' the place regardless of comparisons to any other properties. Knowing you like I do I tend to place a lot of faith in your instincts and wondered if the old spider sense is causing you to have misgivings. That said, if you cannot reconcile your feelings for the property how desperate are you to have a new home, by that I mean would you be prepared to move into a property your not entirely in harmony with just because of the urgency with which you would like to be rehoused.

I'm not much help with regards to the specifics of the house precisely because I am British and the homes we live are entirely different to US homes. All US homes looks charming to me, full of character and potential and to be honest I wouldn't know a jewel from a rock.

I do hope that should you opt to bid for this you are not led a merry dance as you were last tim. A thoroughly unfair situation brought about by others. I have begun to believe that a vast portion of our problems are caused by 'others' and rarely by ourselves.

With you all the way


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You're right with the 1st idea, Mark. I'm afraid I'm being unfair to this place, since it's nothing like the first one....which was truly, exactly the home I'd always dreamed of, but never thought possible.

Also...it was hard to "connect" with this new place (besides not being an old, Victorian farm house), because the current owner is a young man (recently married) who has the color of the master bedroom and the livingroom a DARK hunter green.....and there are deer heads and other things he's killed in his 'hunting' exploits all over! :ranting: That REALLY bothered me. I keep trying to see the place in different colors, and with my own personal 'stuff', rather than dead animals everywhere....but it's been difficult.

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Looks good Erin! I just PM'd you to see if you were back on the house hunting trail and here you already posted!

I couldn't believe they didn't tidy up and make their bed prior to a house viewing, but there you go! Our house was decorated in awful mustard and yellow painted Anaglypta when we bought it. The old folks loved it, but we finally got rid of it all and made the pace our own. You'll do the same, it will look your own with your own belongings and decoration in it, so don't worry too much about that.

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Hi, Graham!

Yes, Terry even commented that the guy's wife probably kicked his ass when she got home. He'd left his underwear on the bed! :doh:

I talked with my friend Chris a lot about this last night, and showed him pictures. He agreed that whoever chose the paint and wallpaper that you see must have been on drugs or blind or something! :fool: He assured me that it LOOKS cramped like we'll never be able to fit in there because of the dark paint.

We're going back out there one more time this weekend. This should be the time that decides it for us.

I just miss the other one...... :down:

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sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.......just let it be. My mother just retired from a 30 yr career in real estate in ATL, 20 yrs as a Managing Broker for Harry Norman Realtors....she is well known all over..... her reputation is stellar!....if I've heard her say it once....I've heard it a 100 X....this is a buyers market right now. For that reason there are MANY people putting their homes on the market for any number of reasons.....and reducing their prices because of the difficulty in sales at this time. Be of good cheer! You are in the land of opportunity! Don't settle for something that is not your hearts desire.....your hearts desire could appear right after you purchase a property you are not 100% fond of. Keep the faith and remember the term...."buyers remorse". I don't want to rain on your parade....and I wouldn't DREAM of stopping someone like you from the persuit of happiness....but yours is waiting for you somewhere ..... if you are patient enough to wait for it. ...... BELIEVE

Please if there is anything I can do to get you some more advice.....call me....I've got a lot of contacts.........Love to you.....Donna

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That was such a sweet thing to say.... Thank you!

(btw, I don't think I have your phone number......I may have at one point, but a lot has been lost in the shuffle over the past few months)

Yes, I've heard that it's a buyer's market right now. The trouble is, we're fairly limited to places we can consider moving to (areas), and can not spend more than $100,000. That's as far as Terry is approved for, for a loan. I haven't seen ANYTHING that even comes close to that place we tried to get back a month or 2 ago. It wasn't perfect, and there was a bit of work that needed to be done... but it had all the elements I was looking for. A true needle in a haystack! Size, age, style, location, condition of the house and the gardens all over the acre and a half that went with it. And it was 5 minutes from a local lake, that's always been where I wanted to be. I've been looking every day since then, as has our real estate agent, and there hasn't been anything that even came CLOSE. The house in the pictures here is ok. There's nothing wrong with it, and it even comes with more land, which would be good for the 3 little goats I got. I wonder if I'm just being too sentimental and emotional. I mean, shouldn't I be grateful to find ANYTHING? Just having the opportunity to even HAVE a home isn't something everyone gets.

Maybe I'm just being too picky....

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Well ....... 100,000 is still a lot of money from THIS GIRL'S perspective. I can empathise with you about being anxious to move and feeling you should be grateful. But BOTH of you have EARNED this. I can't help feeling that you should just BE for a time until it is brought to you. I don't have my own home so I know how you feel....and you deserve to be In Love with the one you buy....after all it is the biggest investment ANYONE makes. You are NOT AND NEVER WILL BE TOO PICKY!!! KNOW THAT!! It's such a shame that the other house fell through....but it fell through for a reason that maybe you can't quite see around........and I don't just mean all the circumstances with the people. There's a place for you out there; and it's time has not yet come.

Visit my website....become my Facebook friend....my number is there.

I love those little goats....and you..Donna

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After going to look at 3 more houses in the last 2 days.... I'm tired, frustrated.

I'll have to dust my "FaceBook" off. I haven't been there in quite a while. Thank you for the invitation!

Yes, I had thought the same thing....about that anyone buying a home should LOVE it, but this is getting ridiculous. We should have been moved for 2 months now. It is so RARE to find an old, Victorian farmhouse that's affordable....and this one was right in a county I've always wanted to live in! (Hart County)I felt like I'd hit the lottery with that place....like I never should have found something that perfect. The odds of having all those factors meet up again are out of this world!

Just "BE"? Everyone else around me is sitting on their respective asses doing nothing already. I'm the only one pushing this. Someone HAS to, and since I seem to be the only one who's sick to the point of tears of the heat, the HUGE caved in place in the kitchen floor, the ceiling that's slowly falling (the fan has already pulled through and is dangling by an electrical wire)... the fire ants that keep getting in every few days (which I'm HIGHLY allergic to, btw) the freezer that no longer will stay shut without slamming it at least 8 times....(I could go on and on and ON) then I guess it's my responsibility to do something to find a solution.

Again, Donna, thanks for being so sweet and caring.... (((hugs)))

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