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... And Let Us Never Speak Of It Again

Who Am I?


I finally got a chance to read the Omen IV: Armageddon script (courtesty of The Omen Chronicles- Unholy Words) this morning after having it sit in My Documents folder for months. I knew it was going to be awful, but I swore I'd give it a shot. Little did I know that it was going to be the Abomination that plagued my dreams for many nights.

I'm sorry, but it was truly appalling. They couldn't even give Damien's teenaged son (yes, I know, in the movie version it was a girl, but that's for another rant) a bloody name in the damned script! I was ready to make him another "It"! Plus the fact Damien's dead- Do not go there.

Now I haven't seen the movie version of the fourth Omen- in my most (unholiest) of humble opinions, the canon with the movies starts with Omen and ends with The Final Conflict- except where Damien dies. No offense to the director and those who came up with the final script, but I do remember Bugenhagen (Batty old b******* that he was) saying that you needed to use all seven daggers to completely kill the Antichrist (as see in the script for Omen IV: Armageddon, where Paul 'kills' Damien officially, thereby offing the son), one for the body, the other six locking the spirit in the fiery pits of hell. *shakes head in utter contempt and disbelief* Can't they get the flow of the damned thing right.

So here's what supposed to happen *rips out a dusty bible from who knows when*... Damien gets stabbed by the traitorous lover Kate Reynolds (who in the Aramageddon script I have is pregnant with Damien's kid) with one dagger. But, there's this part the script writers forgot...

"I saw on of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast; they worshiped the beast the dragon because he gave authority to the beast; and they worshipped the beast "Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage with him." (Courtesy of Revelation 13:3-4)

So, Damien shouldn't have died (unless you're like me and you're writing a fanfic where Damien does die physically, but... crap, sounds exactly like the stuff I'm whining about.)! The 'fatal' wound caused by Kate stabbing him should have healed, and Damien could then go back to hunting down the Christ child and kill it. But no. Hollywood had to go and screw it up royally for the fans.... Can't wait until I get to Omen II for more favorable opinions and posts. And Neff. I should set up a second blog for the Neff and nothing but the Neff so help me Neff. :notworthy: All hail Neff...

Okay, that bout of insanity's gone. I think. Well, until the next time when I have to write about our favorite Sergeant turned FBI agent...

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Me too Vivi,

I think Kara is absolute blast and a lyrical breath of fresh air around the board. I do hope one of the admin makes this a featured post at some point. Actually I might ask nicely if they don't happen upon it.

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